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Default Baby Carrier Episodes

I don't think these episodes could have come at a better time!

Episodes #166 & 167 of PregTASTIC are all about baby carriers - why babywearing is beneficial to mom and baby and the different types of carriers. The same time that Episode 167 was released, the CPSC released a warning regarding baby carriers, particularly the "bag sling" variety.

I was so happy to listen to the episode and hear the guest, Vera Casey, explain exactly why the types of carriers that babywearing organizations promote (wraps, pouches, SSCs, etc.) are safe! The episode was recorded before the warning was released, but she hit on all of the reasons why many commercial carriers are NOT safe (for instance, with the bag slings, babies are forced into a C-shape position with their chin resting on their chest, which puts them at a risk of asphyxiation.

Anyway, at a time when many moms and moms-to-be will be looking for answers about what types of carriers are safe for their new babies, I'm so glad that this information is out from a great resource! Keep up the awesome work!
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Thumbs up Baby carriers

I completely agree that this episode on baby carriers could not have released at a better time. I'm pregnant with twins and using a wrap will make it more accesible for me to cuddle both girls at the same time. This episode allowed me to understand the importance of babywearing, and most importantly that there are correct ways in babywearing and you can't just throw them on. Thanks Vera and Pregtastic!!!
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